Diplomat Georgia was established in July 2008 and is the leading sales and distribution company for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and food brands in the country. The company has two separate branches: one in Tbilisi in the eastern part of the country, and one in Samtredia to the west. The company also has four representative offices and cross dock centers throughout Georgia: Telavi, Gori, Batumi and Poti. This ensures flexibility and the ability to reach customers directly throughout the whole country.

In-store visibility and professional, experienced sales team with a customer-centric approach have positioned Diplomat Georgia as a market leader, possessing one of the highest shelf shares in the market.

 Diplomat Georgia’s new logistics center supports a base of over 6,000 customers, from huge to medium hypermarket chains to pharmacies and small retailers. The diversified customer base gives us a unique opportunity to understand the particular needs of all types of customers and provide them with the full spectrum of services.

 We have adopted an organizational structure to meet Georgia’s unique needs and the significant expansion of its food industry. We provide full managerial and sales focus, with separate food and non-food divisions. The Dock centers ensure flexibility and enable us to directly reach our customers throughout the country via three sales channels: presales, van sales and direct sales.



One of our key success factors is our in-store presence with different promotional and brand activation campaigns. We strive to create a win-win relationship with our customers and promote product displays through an in-store visibility program (DPSM). Currently there are 2,700 customers involved in this program, classified as Golden Stores in terms of distribution, merchandising, shelving and display. Apart from the DPSM program, additional visibility projects have been implemented, such as the visibility solution center. This center provides customers with key insights, such as product location, and ensures product promotion and other efforts to boost sales.



IT infrastructure is vital in achieving our business goals and providing superior service to our customers. In 2012 Diplomat Georgia introduced a computerized warehouse management system (WMS), supporting full flow inbound and outbound processes. Under WMS Full LIFO –FIFO rules are applied; superior productivity and efficiency has been achieved, as well accurate picking and stock control. Temperature controlled warehousing is also available for customers.