Our expert leadership team is responsible for business success in key areas

Riza Shah
+27 0861999963
Riza joined Diplomat South Africa in 2022 as a Sales VP. Riza has 30 years of FMCG experience in various sales, commercial and general management roles. He spent 25 years at PepsiCo and since 2006 he served in various executive roles with them. His last role with them was as GM of the snacks business in South Africa.
Chris Bester
Chief Operating Officer
Chris joined Diplomat South Africa in February 2023. Previously, Chris held the position of Supply Chain Executive for Grandmark International. Prior to this, Chris held the role of Logistics Executive for Agrinet. Before that, he also held the position of Director of Operations at Imperial.
Yekanthi Pather
Chief Financial Officer
+27 0861999963
Tracey Palmer
+27 0861999963
Tracey joined Diplomat South Africa in 2014 as Head of the Shared Services Department, overseeing the Merchandising and Telesales functions and from 2016 the Customer Care Centre. In March 2017 She moved from Sales to HR and took up the role of Head of the HR Department.
Deidre Koekemoer
+27 0861999963
Deidre joined Diplomat in 2015 heading up the IT Department with over than 25 years of experience in multi-national companies. her main objective is to meet the local and global IT Requirement and steer the department towards best technology in line with our strategy.
Deon Morgan
VP Business Development
+27 0861999963
Deon joined Diplomat in 2013. He started as the National Sales Manager for the Non-Food Department looking after Merchandising and Sales. He was then promoted to Head of Sales Tier 2 Food in 2015. This was followed by the role of Head of Trade Activation and Category planning. In 2019, Deon was appointed Head of Sales & Merchandising with the Tier 2 sales team and the merchandising structures reporting to him.