Powering Customer Growth Worldwide

At Diplomat, our purpose is to drive customer value along the supply chain to become our customers’ preferred choice. We deliver this purpose through our values, and through the four pillars of success that guide us: a customer-centric approach, business grouth, agile transform and operational efficiency.

Our Group strategy is adapted to meet local requirements in every market in which we operate. Moreover, the strategy is cascaded to every one of our employees to ensure optimal execution. We focus on an effective execution of the strategic plan to close business gaps and to take advantage of business opportunities. We regularly review and revise our strategic plan to ensure we are achieving the best possible results. To support this optimization, our global business functions work in full cooperation with our business units worldwide.

By continuously managing our strategic performance, we enable business development in all of our business units based on a comprehensive understanding our customers’ needs, and by consistently creating value for them.

Our Pillars of Success

Customer centric

Understand customer needs to provide personalized solutions


Create a network of capable and empowered teams to respond faster to customer’ need

Operational Efficiency

Reduce cost to serve while ensuring high quality

Business Growth

Diversify our sources of income to drive revenue and profit

Customer Centric

At Diplomat, our purpose is to drive customer value along the supply chain to become their preferred choice. To make this happen, we start by understanding the unique and changing needs of our customers. From this deep understanding, we build joint strategic plans that create win-win opportunities, and develop initiatives supported by the right resources. We then execute the plans, track and analyze the results on a regular basis, and adjust the plans together with customers if needed.

Agile Transformation

At Diplomat we are focusing on meeting our customer different needs and requirements, in a timely manner. To enable this, we are focusing on continuously developing our people skills,  equipping them with advanced data based tools to allow faster decision making that are tailored per customer. We deploy new ways of operations that will allow to shorten the lead time from an innovative idea to a winning execution solution.


Operational Efficiency

Diplomat offers a proven model of successful integration of sales, marketing, distribution and logistics excellence with superior human resources development throughout our organization. Supported by best-in-class processes and technologies shared across our corporate structure, this winning approach enables us to provide continuous efficiency and the highest levels of service to customers.

Business Growth

At Diplomat, we drive growth momentum through diversification of our markets and activities. We expand into new territories by leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience of the Diplomat Group. At the same time, we expand into new channels based on our in-depth understanding and the commercial expertise we have gained through many years of experience. We add new vendors where we see win-win solutions, and take pride in our ability to identify the right opportunities in every market in which we operate. We build our own brands, and our Group supports eCommerce, including direct customer online sales to consumers. Diplomat strives to create a competitive advantage and to be the first to localize global trends.