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Our Recruitment Process
At Diplomat, we ensure a fair, transparent and standardized recruitment process to attract top talent.

To ensure we hire the right people, our recruitment process is transparent with clear passing criteria. Our standardized process ensures a consistently high level of recruitment across our business units, simplifies decision-making and avoids preferential treatment for any candidate. We begin by evaluating your suitability for our company, and how well you fit with our core values. We also verify that you have the skills, experience and education to successfully fulfill the position.

Our recruitment process may include the following:

  1. Assessments – designed to test your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Behavioral-based Interviews – interviews are held with key Diplomat staff. The Diplomat employees who support the selection process undergo extensive training in our unique recruitment methodology. This enables us to get to know you in-depth, and for you to get to know us, all in a fair and objective evaluation process.
  3. Additional Evaluations – this depends on the position you are applying for. It can include more interviews, specific tests (e.g. driving test for drivers, English-language test etc.), security checks, polygraph and reference checks. Managers can also expect reviews from independent assessment centers.
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What Role Will You Play?

Be a part of a front line team executing our strategies with customers. Focus on value creation and win-win solutions with our customers though strong sales capabilities. Learn how to tailor go-to-market strategy for each customer, lead Joint Business Planning (JBP), and drive in-store execution to ensure full profitable coverage, availability and visibility.


Ensure operational excellence to provide added-value to our customers, and deliver goods in an efficient and innovative manner. Ensure the right products are delivered to the right location on time with required quality levels and in the most cost-effective way. The Logistics department provides a cost-effective and superior service level for our customers.

Supply Chain

Manage complex overseas sourcing and transportation of goods, and ensure proper regulation and licensing approvals for all products. Lead the demand planning process to maintain cost-effective inventory levels that will enable us to meet customer demands while managing our inventory levels.

VAS (Value Added Services)

A key part of our overall capabilities and operational excellence. Provide added-value services to customers, including tailored solutions for stickers, labeling and packaging via automated processes and advanced technologies.

Category Management

A key elements of our customer management division. Includes research, business analysis and brand strategy execution. Work together with our global vendors to adapt global brand strategies to local market requirements and customer needs. Ensure all sales and marketing activities support brand equity and drive growth of market share.

Business Development

Identify new business opportunities to support the company’s growth and expansion to more categories, channels and territories.


Lead financial planning for our overall organization. Implement financial analysis to support decision making, calculating ROI, define effective promotion pricing and monitor budget compliance.


Be a member of a leading HR function and partner with our managers and employees to help bring Diplomat’s vision to life. Recruit, developing and retain top talent, enabling them to perform at their best in a culture that supports high performance.

Processes & Technology

Design the company’s technological environment to support business performance via business intelligence, innovative tools and digital solutions. Support business leaders in optimizing and improving organizational efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs to enable “simplicity” in doing business.

Recruitment Tips
How to Write Your CV
How to Write Your CV
Tips for a Successful Interview
Tips for a Successful Interview
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