Our expert leadership team is responsible for business success in key areas

Yinon Ben Anat
GM Diplomat Israel
Yinon Joined Diplomat in 2012. He first joined Diplomat Georgia where he served as CEO from 2012 – 2016. He also served as an advisor to the Diplomat Global Chairman and Diplomat Group CEO on business growth opportunities. Yinon has a demonstrated track record of executive leadership yielding significant revenues, profit and growth for global organizations. In 2016, Yinon was appointed CEO of Diplomat South Africa. In 2020 Yinon was appointed CEO of Diplomat Israel
Motti Cohen
Head of Business Development
Motti joined Diplomat in 2016. He has 28 years’ experience working with leading brands. Prior to his current responsibilities, he served as CEO of Avocadoil Industries Ltd., CEO of New Pharm Drugstore Ltd. and CEO of Strauss Import and Trade Energy with Strauss Group Ltd. Motti is an entrepreneur, partner and CEO at Novolog Group Ltd. He is also an Industrial and Management Engineer.
Tal Yefet
Head of Sales Division
Tal joined Diplomat in 2004. Tal’s experience includes sales for the private market channel and managing the Mega channel and private label channel. Tal has also overseen the diaper category and served as Director of the category managers department.
Assi Haskor
Head of Operations
Assi joined the Diplomat in 2001. He has 20 years’ experience in logistics and supply chain management. Assi began his career as a distribution manager, and over the years he also managed the stocking division and a number of positions in the field of quality, regulation and more.
Roni Rothman
Head of HQ & Strategy
Roni joined Diplomat in 2010. Roni started as a sales agent and has served in various positions in the sales department (KAM, TL, CM).
Ayelet Tzur
Head of Finance
Ayelet joined Diplomat in 2018. She has over 20 years’ experience in finance. Her experience includes serving as CFO and as a partner in businesses in FMCG and electric appliances. She has also served with publically traded high technology companies in Israel, the US and EMEA.
Omer Danenberg
Head of marketing and trade marketing
Omer joined Diplomat in 2006. He has 12 years’ experience in sales and trade marketing. Prior to joining Diplomat, he served as the Head of Trade Marketing at P&G. There he managed laundry, Gillette and Pampers categories. Omer also served as sales channel manager at Shufersal and Blue Square.
Raviv Iserovich
Head of Supply Chain
Raviv joined Diplomat in 2004. His experience includes serving as a distribution manager, logistic center manager, warehouse manager and Organization and Methods engineer.
Yael Bar
Head of Human Resources
Yael joined Diplomat in 2002. She has 19 years’ experience in the Human Resources (HR) field. Yael established the HR department for Diplomat in Israel. Today, her responsibilities include recruiting and organizational development as well as compensation and benefits. Prior to Diplomat, Yael served in the HR division at a medical diagnostics institute.
Naor Gutman
Head of Processes and IT, Compensation and Benefits
Naor joined Diplomat in 2013. He first served in Processes and Technology. Naor advanced to key positions in the Diplomat Group (Strategy Management, Project Management and Compensation & Benefits). He was then promoted to Diplomat Israel’s leadership team.