Our expert leadership team is responsible for business success in key areas

Tamar Kovziridze
GM Diplomat Georgia
Tamar joined Diplomat Georgia in 2008. She first served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In 2016, she was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Diplomat Georgia, Tamar’s served as CFO for Arti Ltd. where her career was also related to distribution. Before that, Tamar held CFO positions in the pharmaceutical industry.
Giorgi Khundadze
Head of Logistics
Georgi joined Diplomat in 2008 as Financial Coordinator. In 2015, he was promoted to Financial Operations Manager and held this position until 2016. In 2016, Georgi became Organization Strategy Manager & Group Project Leader. Since 2018, Georgi has been Head of Logistics for Diplomat Georgia. Prior to Diplomat, Georgi worked with Georgia’s Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs.
Merab Zhgenti
Head of Business Development & Marketing
Merab joined Diplomat Georgia in 2015 as Logistics Operations Project Manager. In 2016, he became Head of Business Development & Marketing. Prior to joining Diplomat Georgia, Merab gained extensive experience the banking sector where he held various managerial positions.
Giorgi Rukhadze
Head of technology department
+995 322 919293
Giorgi joined Diplomat Georgia in 2020. Prior to joining Diplomat Georgia Giorgi served as the Director of Information Technologies and Systems Department and Deputy Chairperson of the Public Service Development Agency of Georgia. Giorgi has a long-standing experience in managing medium and large-scale IT projects and consulting various public and private organizations on IT Governance and software development processes.
Guy Tal
Head of Finance
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Guy joined Diplomat in 2019. Prior to Diplomat, he worked at Strauss group for 6 years as a CFO of the Coffee and Water division in Israel. In the last 2 years he served as the CFO of Shemen Industry LTD, the biggest oil manufacture in Israel.
Shota Svanadze
Head Of Sales Department
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Shota joined Diplomat in 2008 where he served as Supervisor of Diplomat Georgia’s P&G business until 2012. In 2013 he was appointed as West Georgia Channel Manager. From 2015 Shota served as East Georgia Channel Manager (P&G, Nestle, DGI business) and also as Key Account Manager (Nestle, DGI business). In 2018 he was appointed Head of Sales for DGI business and in 2019, Shota was appointed Head of Sales Department (P&G, Nestle, DGI business).
Roey Ostrovski
Head of Trade Marketing & KA
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Roey joined Diplomat in 2008. as a sales rep and sales manager between 2008-2012. From 2012 KAM of Mega & Rami Levi, In 2014 he was promoted to be category manager of Mondelez & JDE products. In 2016 he was promoted to be trade marketing Team leader, managing 4 CM (Mondelez, starkist, kellogs, pringles and more local brands) In 2019 he moved to Georgia to become head of trade marketing & KA department
Salome Shelia
Head of HR
Salome joined Diplomat Georgia in the beginning of 2020 as a head of HR department. Salome holds MBA and PhD in Organizational Psychology. She has many years of work experience in the fields of HR and OD both, as a manager and as a management consultant.