Noam Weiman

Noam Weiman

Diplomat Group President & CEO

The second generation of Diplomat Israel’s founding family, Noam has been with Diplomat since 1976. Advancing through the ranks, he previously served as Deputy Managing Director, Export Manager and Sales Manager. He spearheaded the Group’s rapid growth, relationship with P&G and other leading brands, and expansion to become a global concern. He currently leads the Group's long-term strategic growth across the globe.
“The customer is the boss – in everything we do and everywhere we operate. Our success is our customers’ success, and uncompromising commitment to excellence is simply part of our DNA. That’s how we are able to turn strategic brands into market leaders, accelerate growth and deliver best-in-class productivity through a successful, proven and highly efficient business model.”
  • Irad Yuval

    Irad Yuval

    Regional Manager& Head of Sales

  • Yaron Bloom

    Yaron Bloom

    Diplomat Israel CEO

  • Yinon Ben Anat

    Yinon Ben Anat

    Diplomat South Africa CEO

  • Avi Peeri

    Avi Peeri

    Diplomat Cyprus CEO

  • Tamar Kovziridze

    Tamar Kovziridze

    Diplomat Georgia CEO

  • Oren Weiman

    Oren Weiman

    Diplomat Chief Digital Officer

  • Noga Weiman

    Noga Weiman

    Head of Corporate Communications

  • Zvika Ritsulsky

    Zvika Ritsulsky

    Head of Finance

  • Tal Weingarten

    Tal Weingarten

    Head of Strategy

  • Sharon Weinbaum

    Sharon Weinbaum

    Head of Human Resources

  • Shay Michel

    Shay Michel

    Head of technology & processes

  • Yosi Horev

    Yosi Horev

    Head of Operations

  • Natan Gershony

    Natan Gershony

    Head of business development

  • Barry Guerin

    Barry Guerin

    CEO New Zealand