Bring value to all our business partners

At Diplomat, our purpose is to drive customer value along the supply chain

to become our customers’ preferred choice.

We believe that our success derives from our people and the values by which we live.

We promote an Agile mindset, to provide fast & proactive solutions, based on data.

It is the foundation for our three pillars of success:

Customer Centric, Business Growth and Operational Efficiency.

Our Group strategy is adapted to meet local requirements in every market in which we operate. Moreover, the strategy is cascaded to every one of our employees to ensure optimal execution. We focus on an effective execution of the strategic plan to close business gaps and to take advantage of business opportunities. We regularly review and revise our strategic plan to ensure we are achieving the best possible results. To support this optimization, our global business functions work in full cooperation with our business units worldwide.

By continuously managing our strategic performance, we enable business development in all of our business units based on a comprehensive understanding our customers’ needs, and by consistently creating value for them.

Our Pillars of Success

Customer centric

Understand customer needs to provide personalized solutions

Business growth

Diversify & grow our sources of income to drive revenue and profit

Operational efficiency

Reduce cost to serve while ensuring high quality

Customer Centric

In order to be our customers’ preferred choice, we focus on understanding their rapidly changing needs and strategy.

We develop personalized solutions and build joint business plans.

We execute them with excellence, to create mutual benefits.

Business Growth

We are committed to grow wherever we operate, through expanding to new categories & channels, brands we own, and new territories.

Operational Efficiency

We always strive to improve productivity while keeping high qualitative service, to be our customers’ preferred choice.

We achieve this, based on a proven operational model supported by best-in-class processes and technologies.