50 Years of Achievements

The Diplomat Group is a leading sales and distribution company in the FMCG sector. With over 50 years of experience, Diplomat offers a portfolio of global and local premium brands. Diplomat has five fully-owned business units located in Israel, Georgia, South Africa, Cyprus and New Zealand.

At Diplomat, our aim is to drive customer value along the supply chain to become our customers’ preferred choice in global markets.

Our Group takes great pride in representing a 50 year heritage of excellence. From a local distribution company, we have grown to become a global concern while maintaining a unique corporate culture based on proven customer-centric strategies, best-in-class productivity methods and superior human resources.

The Diplomat Group’s rapid and successful global expansion was facilitated by P&G’s invitation to partner with us. The Group has five fully owned business units operating in Israel, Georgia, South Africa, Cyprus and New Zealand. All business units began operation as official and exclusive distributors of P&G, and have expanded into other FMCG categories including food and beverages.

The Diplomat Group’s business units around the world have established solid infrastructures and developed strong teams of dedicated professionals. Diplomat answers different market structures and needs by leveraging the Group’s operational and organizational excellence.

With an uncompromising commitment to customers, Diplomat provides excellence in end-to-end supply chain management, logistics and distribution solutions supported by sales and marketing management with proven models for integrating them successfully. Diplomat is committed to growth by seeking new business opportunities wherever it operates, and expanding to new categories, sectors and territories across the globe.

Diplomat Israel
Building on a 50 year tradition of excellence, Diplomat is the leading Distribution Company in Israel. Diplomat is proud to offer exclusive distribution for an impressive portfolio of premium fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands in personal and household care and food products. Diplomat provides the highest standards of service for 3000 retail sale points and 900 customers in the HoReCa market, including support for key retailers in eCommerce.

Diplomat Georgia
Diplomat began operations in Georgia in 2008 as the exclusive distributor of P&G, and has become one of the largest and most advanced distribution companies in the market. Diplomat reaches 10,500 customers directly through 3 different sales channels: pre sale, van sale and direct sales to market sectors.

Diplomat South Africa
Diplomat entered the South African market in 2010 as a P&G business partner. Servicing the informal market nationwide, Diplomat provides coverage for some 33,000 distribution points through 4 distribution centers with total coverage of 19,000 pallets.

Diplomat Cyprus
In 2011, Diplomat began setting a new standard in Cyprus. Starting operations by representing P&G, our unmatched service has positioned us as a leading distributor. Diplomat covers 1,500 points of sale directly, as well as sub distribution to key supermarkets, convenience stores, kiosks and tourist areas.

Diplomat New Zealand
Diplomat began operation in New Zealand in 2016 as the exclusive distributor for P&G. Saying YES to the challenge, Diplomat quickly turned a sustained sales decline into rapid growth. Diplomat delivers innovative solutions, leading category management and a diverse global P&G portfolio.

Diplomat has five fully owned business units, operating in Israel, Georgia, South Africa, Cyprus and New Zealand. All business units began operating as the official and exclusive distributors of P&G, expanding into other FMCG categories.
All Diplomat business units are built on the Group’s proven customer centric strategies and best in class processes and experience adapt­ed to different market structures and needs.
Each business unit uses the full strength of the Group to leverage its operational and organizational excellence.

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