How do we ensure organizational excellence in a sustainable way? By continually focusing on recruiting excellent people and by growing and developing this top talent by encouraging and enabling our staff to always perform at their best. This is the secret behind achieving organizational excellence and superior business results.



At Diplomat, we continually recruit the finest people and encourage them to develop toward leadership. Our teams’ commitment, professionalism and ambition to win are well recognized and appreciated by our customers.



We are firm believers of promotion from within to strengthen our Group and encourage our staff to excel. As a result, we invest significantly in training and coaching to maximize development, enabling our employees to advance quickly throughout the organization and build successful, satisfying careers.



Diplomat provides a wide range of services to customers around the world, such as sales, marketing, finance, demand planning and distribution. As a result, working at Diplomat means working on multifunctional and multicultural teams in a young and dynamic environment.