Diplomat's processes are the very building blocks of our company and what makes our company a leader in its field. Over the years we have been proud to introduce new processes, from strategic planning to end-to-end supply chain management, to create business models that redefine best-in-class in the field of logistics and distribution, and that connect all the elements to deliver a complete solution for all the departments that support our core operations.


We leverage our organization's strengths and proven capabilities to support operations and apply a uniform corporate culture and processes throughout our global operations. This is supported by Aris Business Architect & Designer systems so that all Diplomat locations benefit from uniform control and governance that ensures internal control, high levels of safety, corporate responsibility and risk assessment. This uniform global model has proven itself time and again when we established fully operational Business Units in Georgia, South Africa and Cyprus with just a small task force in minimal lead-time, while overcoming tough and complex market structures by assimilating Diplomat's advanced processes.


Strategic planning begins at the Group level, across all Business Units, work teams, till the single employee, to make sure maximum alignment with the Group strategy. It not only defines the playing field, but sets into motion the processes required to win business and maintain customers satisfaction. This strategy is based on three key factors:


  • The customer is "the boss"
  • Operational excellence
  • A winning organization


Diplomat's corporate structure ensures that knowledge and winning strategies are shared and communicated among all business units, timely and efficiently in accordance with the needs of the markets we operate in. Strategic processes cross all business units, teams, departments and individual employees in order to make certain that all are well-aligned with the Group's overall strategy.


Recognizing that customers' needs are constantly changing, we are committed to continuous improvement in all our processes in order to meet those changing needs.


Throughout the Diplomat Group, we apply a lean managerial methodology which results in significant breakthroughs and improvements in a number of core processes. These include: cross dock picking and load processing methods that delivered over 50% improvements in productivity. In addition, we believe that what works for us, can also work for others. We share knowledge and experience with our customers, and assist our partners improve their business, seeking ways to improve efficiency by leading cross organization improvement projects. Over the years these projects led to significant improvements in a number of our partners' core processes, such as:

  • Full S&OP implementation that reduced inventory levels
  • Special online alerts mechanism to prevent shelf stock shortages
  • Improved efficiencies on production lines


A detailed set of inter-department and external organization key performance indicators (KPIs), are just a few examples of how Diplomat ensures streamlined, efficient and profitable operations. These statistics span sales, operations, finance, human resources, and IT, and are all readily available in intuitive graphic dashboards and online from remote locations.


Our Group implements and maintains comprehensive quality control and assurance policies at all levels of the organization, and consistently monitors customer and supplier satisfaction through periodic customer satisfaction surveys. The results are carefully studied and have shown that customers are extremely satisfied. The survey evaluates dozens of parameters, among them:


  • Delivery quality
  • Concern and sensitivity to customers' needs
  • Diplomat Group's image
  • Level of professionalism
  • Responsiveness to extraordinary demands and requirements