Our Marketing Department grew over the years to answer our suppliers’ needs for excellent and efficient adaptation and execution of global strategies along with strategic support of go-to-market models. We take pride in our capabilities, knowledge and expertise in creating in unique marketing initiatives that support and maximize the value of the brands we represent.


Our marketing departments provide full brand management. The teams are made up of experienced experts with extensive industry experience and strong backgrounds in affiliation and sales. One of the main strengths of our marketing team is a close and strong collaboration with sales teams, evidenced by strong results time and again in the trade. The key elements of our marketing offering include:


•  Research – market share analysis, advertising qualification, advertising effectiveness, etc.

•  Analysis – deep annual brand business reviews and updated strategies in advertising, promotional, pricing, product, and more.

•  Advertising – developing “above the line” media with a wide range of agencies across all media platforms, strong and innovative 360 degree BTL executions reaching all consumer touch points