Diplomat Israel has a dedicated 1,000 square meter value added services facility, with a climate controlled production floor and specialized warehouses to offer in the highest quality in the industry, fast execution and very competitive pricing.


The facility works in two shifts and offers a wide range of automated and manual services that meet all relevant ISO-9001 standards, as well as internal quality standards, such as QAKE (P&G QA standards). We offer very fast response time of up to 48 hours when necessary and our team offers creative solutions based on their years of experience in the field.


The value added services provided include:


  • Labeling(manual and automatic)shelf-stocking
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Production of( labels and barcodes
  • Direct mail (collection of data, address labels drawing and postal  distribution)
  • Stand assembly, filling and distribution
  • Designing specialty point-of-sale promotional collateral
  • Wide range of manual packaging solutions (gift sets, coupon insertions)
  • Adapting electrical appliances to meet local standards


The facility L Sealers and Sleeve Wrappers and high quality Arma brand label heads, inkjet printers, electrical conveyors and automatic carton sealers.