At the Diplomat Group our aim is to develop winning supply chain solutions, to become our customer’s preferred supplier.


From a local Israeli distribution company we have grown to become a global concern, uniformly applying proven customer-centric strategies, best-in-class productivity methods and superior human resources development throughout our organization – in a culture imbued with integrity, social responsibility and accountability.


The entire Group’s activities benefit from excellence in end-to-end supply chain management and logistics, supported by fully integrated creative brand marketing for the exclusive brands we represent. We leverage the Group’s strengths and proven capabilities to support all business units, applying a uniform corporate culture and standards throughout our global operations. All of the Group's Business Units benefit from uniform control and governance that ensures the highest standards of internal control, safety, corporate responsibility and risk assessment.


Our Group’s rapid and successful global expansion was facilitated by Proctor & Gamble’s invitation to partner with them to operate in Georgia in 2008, followed by South Africa in 2010 and Cyprus in 2011. All of our Business Units have built solid infrastructures and developed strong teams of dedicated professionals and staff, adapted to each market’s unique structure and needs. Each began as the official and exclusive distributor for P&G, and they all have succeeded in expanding into other categories of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.


With an uncompromising commitment to service, long-term growth and continuous improvement in all spheres of activity, we are highly regarded throughout the industry for excellence in logistics, sales and marketing and for an ideal model of integrating them successfully.



We take pride in our ability to identify the right opportunities for suitable brands in every market we operate. This fuels future growth by expanding into new territories and representing more suppliers of complementary brands. The Group’s unique and proven model is based on acquired know-how and expertise, and the ability to adapt to new market structures and needs.



Diplomat is a global concern with active Business Units in Israel, Georgia, South Africa and Cyprus. Group headquarters are in Israel. Independent Business Units operate in each geographic area in accordance with group policy.